Babysitting and baby care

Looking for a responsible and kind babysitter, au pair or childminder for your children?

We would be happy to help you.

We have many years of experience within the childcare service and we only employ certified babysitters.

You first get to know your new babysitter within the face to face meeting and then all the necessary details about care will be planned and agreed.

Regular and one-time babysitting

Regular care mainly covers families in need of care for several hours a week (visit to the doctor, offices, shopping, meeting with a friend, visit the cinema, dinner with the beloved one, job duties, illness of a little child, etc.).

One-time care is tailor-made to your specific needs, whether it is full-time care for a sick child or care during your vacation.
We can also arrange for the child to be picked up from kindergarten/school or accompanied to an afternoon club and care in a foreign language.

Our babysitters can also accompany you on travel or other activities outside the house, if necessary and required.

We have a rule that each family using regular care is assigned with one permanent caregiver (or two if the parents agree) so that we do not “surprise” children by the sudden and frequent change of caregivers. In the case of the carer’s illness and the needs of the parent, we can provide a replacement. The babysitter comes directly to your home, where your children feel safe, or to a pre-agreed place as you request.